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Jet Tec Recycled HP 364 Black Ink Cartridge Twin Pack

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SKU: 124H136422
Picture of HP 364 Black Original Ink Cartridge Twin Pack

Looking for the Original OEM version?

HP 364 Black Original Ink Cartridge Twin Pack

Compatible With:

  • HP Deskjet 3070A
  • HP Deskjet 3520
  • HP Officejet 4610
  • HP Officejet 4620
  • HP Officejet 4622
  • HP Photosmart 5510
  • HP Photosmart 5512
  • HP Photosmart 5514
  • HP Photosmart 5515
  • HP Photosmart 5520
  • HP Photosmart 5522
  • HP Photosmart 5524
  • HP Photosmart 5525
  • HP Photosmart 6520
  • HP Photosmart 7510
  • HP Photosmart B010a
  • HP Photosmart B109
  • HP Photosmart B110
  • HP Photosmart B8550
  • HP Photosmart B8553
  • HP Photosmart C5300
  • HP Photosmart C5380
  • HP Photosmart C5383
  • HP Photosmart C5390
  • HP Photosmart C6300
  • HP Photosmart C6380
  • HP Photosmart D5460
  • HP Photosmart D5463
  • HP Photosmart D5468
  • HP Photosmart eStation C510
  • HP Photosmart Plus B209
  • HP Photosmart Plus B210
  • HP Photosmart Premium C309
  • HP Photosmart Premium C310a
  • HP Photosmart Premium C410b

HP 364 Black Recycled Ink Cartridge Twin Pack

HP 364 Black Recycled Ink Cartridge is an environmentally friendly alternative to its original counterpart. It is fully compatible with the following printers: Deskjet 3070A, Deskjet 3520, Officejet 4620, Photosmart B010a, Photosmart 5510, Photosmart 5515, Photosmart 5520, Photosmart 5525, Photosmart 6510, Photosmart 6520, Photosmart 7510, Photosmart B109, Photosmart B110a, Photosmart B8550, Photosmart C310a, Photosmart C5300, Photosmart C510a, Photosmart C6300, Photosmart D5460, Photosmart D5463, Photosmart D5468, Photosmart Plus B209, Photosmart Plus B210, Photosmart Premium C309, Photosmart Premium C410b. You could also save up to 70% on your print costs in comparison to the HP original version, without compromising on performance and quality.

Printer Compatibility & Reliability

Our recycled version works in your printer in exactly the same way as an original HP 364 ink cartridge.

Each one of our HP 364 recycled inkjet cartridges are thoroughly cleaned, filled with our specially formulated ink and finally print tested before they are eligible for sale.

Quality Assurance

We produce all of our recycled HP 364 inkjet cartridges to the highest standard. Everything we make is right here in the UK under one roof, and we have complete control over our production process. We have more than 30 years experience in the manufacturing industry, and we ensure that all of our products meet strict quality measures.

Our HP ink cartridge is fully compatible with all the same printer models as the original HP 364 inkjet cartridge. It will also match, if not exceed, the page yield and quality of print of an original HP inkjet.

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